General ENT medical care

Otorhinolaryngology broadly targets diseases of the ear, nose, throat, and neck.

It is often thought that the range of specialty for ENTs is narrowly limited to these four things, without realizing how wide this range actually is. These four areas of the head and neck include all of the sensation organs in your ears, nose, and tongue. Organs and nerves that control your hearing, smell, taste, as well as the ability to chew and swallow food also fall into the care of otorhinolaryngology, alongside your motor organs that answer for balance and movement (the inner ear) and your oral cavity, pharynx, and larynx, which are responsible for your ability to speak and articulate. The defensive range covered by ENT care also includes the thyroid gland (the organ that secretes hormones) and salivary glands such as the parotid gland and submandibular gland.

In addition to examining the ears, nose, and throat with a head lamp, we can also perform more detailed examinations with a microscope or high-resolution endoscope. At our clinic, we go beyond manual examination by having on-site equipment for observation of nystagmus using an infrared CCD camera. There is also a conebeam CT, center of gravity sway meter and other equipment on site at the clinic, as well as a bloodwork laboratory located on the same floor, which allows for more accurate and quick diagnosis. In most cases, you can get your diagnosis and begin treatment at the time of your first visit.

Some of the most common conditions we treat at our clinic:

  1. - Outer ear diseases (earwax embolism, otitis externa)
  2. - Middle ear diseases (traumatic perforated eardrum, acute otitis media, chronic otitis media, serous glue ear, cholesteatoma, ossicular transection)
  3. - Eustachian tube diseases (patulous Eustachian tube, Eustachian tube stenosis)
  4. - Inner ear diseases (labyrinthitis, sudden deafness, Meniere's disease, benign paroxysmal head dizziness, vestibular neuritis)
  5. - Nasal diseases (nasal vestibular eczema, allergic rhinitis, vasomotor rhinitis, hypertrophic rhinitis, septal curvature) ← Surgical treatment is also possible on-site.
  6. - Sinusitis (acute sinusitis, dental sinusitis, sinus fungal disease, chronic sinusitis, eosinophil sinusitis, sinus papilloma)← Surgical treatment is also possible on-site.
  7. - Oral diseases (oral aphthae, glossitis)
  8. - Pharyngitis / laryngitis (acute tonsillitis, acute pharyngitis, chronic tonsillitis, nasopharyngitis, tongue base tonsillitis, acute epiglottitis, epiglottitis, vocal cord polyps, polyp-like vocal cords, vocal cord nodules, laryngeal granulomas, reflux esophagitis)
  9. - Cervical diseases (salivary gland inflammation, salivary gland tumors, subacute thyroiditis, acute purulent thyroiditis, thyroid tumors, Hashimoto's disease, Graves' disease, subacute necrotizing lymphadenitis)
  10. Respiratory allergies (hay fever etc.) ※Click here for more information
  11. - Others (Sleep Apnea Syndrome etc.)
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