2021 Pollen Allergy Season Announcement

The start of Japanese Cedar pollen dispersal season in 2021 is predicted for February 7th in Tokyo.

It is expected to begin around the same time in the suburbs of Toride City.

Of course, since trees don’t usually abide by precise human-made calendar dates,
small amounts of pollen will begin to circulate in the air before the offical “start” date of allergies season.

Many people are already experiencing allergy symptoms.
Fortunately, hay fever remedies in recent years have improved to be fast-acting and non-drowsy.

At our clinic, we offer allergy relief treatments via oral medications, nasal drops, or eye drops (according to individual symptoms).

Early treatment has shown to be more effective, catching the allergies at the onset.

In addition to the above treatments, our clinic offers the following services:
・identification of specific antigens via blood sample test
・treatment of Japanese Cedar pollinosis with molecular targeted drugs
・fundamental treatment of nasal congestion via inferior turbinate resection (minor day surgery)

If you have any concerns about symptoms of hay fever or allergic rhinitis, please feel free to come in for a consultation (no appointment necessary).

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